Photography Essentials

Photography Essentials: Zero to Sixty takes anyone new to photography and equips them with all the skills they need to become proficient in this craft. It's free online. Just click here.

Online Classes

The F Stops Here is partnering with photography retailers throughout the country to bring high quality online classes on a variety of shooting and editing topics. Each class includes presentations and accompanying downloads. Check them out below.

nathan Nov 12 2016.jpg

Lighting 101: Intro to Flash

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macro 465 Aug 02 2016.jpg

Macro Photography


Travel Photography

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Product Photography

zoo  Jul 24 2018.jpg

Workshop at the Denver Zoo

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Night Photography

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Family Photography

landscape 2.jpg

Landscape Photography

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Lightroom Essentials

studio  Feb 09 2019.jpg

Lighting 201:

In the Studio

bird  May 20 2017.jpg

Workshop with Hawk Quest



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Portrait Photography

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Capture One Essentials

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